Preston Cato Assemblage

While many are obsessed with the Barbie Doll, Preston’s obsession is focused on examining, exploiting and exploding the implied male domination in the mass manufacturing of curvaceous and sexualized plastic dolls. Look closely and you will find something offensive.

Barbi Sitters

11” x 14” x 4 2/3”

Dolls, found objects, kitchen sink in a kitchen drawer.

Barbi Runway Walk

Collaboration with Katha Cato

23” x 12”

Dolls, ceramic & plastic doll hands, rusted exhaust pipe, plastic, wire, wooden box, rope, string, nails on plywood.

Barbi Kitchen

13” x 21” x 4 2/3”

Rolling pin, ceramic and plastic body parts, costume jewelry, found objects in a Kitchen drawer.

Barbi Squared

10” x 10” 

Barbie head & hair, legs, plastic hands, newsprint, dried root, rope, textile, glue, a nut & bolt on wood.