I started this piece after 9/11. The white crockery pieces are all pieces that were left behind in the apartment where we currently live. The previous resident died and a great deal of his life was left behind when we moved in. As we gutted the apartment, we repurposed so many items.

The drawers from his 30’s kitchen appear in other assemblages, the twisted forks and scissors are featured in others. The white cups and saucers, mixing bowls and plates were heavy, veined, well used and represent the false sense of security I had before the towers were destroyed.

I enjoyed breaking up the pieces, it was a satisfying process. As I worked to wire everything into place, I tried to capture the movement of the very moment of impact…just as so many of us remember the exact moments the planes hit the towers. It helped me process those first months as I made sure that in each piece, there is one piece of crockery that has not been destroyed.

That one piece represents my hope that, even when we feel shattered, we can always find that one unbroken piece of ourselves.