Live Performances

When improvising, my only real responsibility is to make everyone else look brilliant.

Katha first experienced an Improvisational performance in 1977 when she attended a performance and workshop produced by the Improvisational Theatre Project from the Mark Taper Forum when they visited Cal Poly Pomona’s theater department. She immediately understood the collaborative process where yes guides the work, immersed herself in the art form and convinced Cal Poly to add Improvisation for the Actor as a core requirement. After achieving her Bachelor’s in theatre she went on to attend the U of O as a teaching fellow where she created an improvisational theatre curriculum and earned her Masters of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Improvised Theatre. 

Group Shows

  • For Play
  • Triple Play – have enough for it’s own page
  • Galinsky
  • Lucy’s show
  • Improvisors of a Certain Age
  • Dancing on the Head of a Pin 
  • MIQ space
  • The Pit – Improv competition
  • UCB

One Woman Shows

  • It’s All about Me
  • HSS 1 woman show
  • Katha to the 10th 
  • Don’t tell Moma’s